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Introducing beautiful, vibrant and sustainable sequins

Sustainable Sequins

Founded in 2018 by Rachel Clowes, The Sustainable Sequin Company is dedicated to providing the fashion industry with more sustainable embellishments. The Company researches, develops and creates lower impact sequins for fashion brands, independent designers and embellishment enthusiasts alike. We are currently producing sequins using 20% recycled PET film, available for both hand and digital applications. Additionally, we offer custom-cut sequins for unique, bespoke projects. We're in the final stages of perfecting biodegradable sequins crafted from natural materials. - expect sequins that are not only durable and washable, but also beautiful. We believe that these sequins will be the shining stars of a more sustainable future for the fashion industry! Find out more...

What we offer

Every sequin is punched or cut to order in our UK-based workshop, ensuring that we never produce more than necessary. We place a significant emphasis on material research, continuously striving to develop and provide more beautiful and sustainable options.

Beyond our sequin offerings, we also provide a range of services. From consultancy to design development and sampling, we're here to support your sequin projects and bring your creative visions to life. We're excited to hear about your unique ideas!

Recycled sequin embroidery design in blues and greens similar to a bird's wing

20% rPET Sequins

The Sustainable Sequin Company uses 20% recycled plastic (rPET) film to create sequins in our East Sussex workshop in the UK.

Browse the range of colours, effects, shapes and sizes available for hand and digital embroidery.

Bespoke sequin design of 3D flowers with layers of petals in pinks and golds

Bespoke Sequins

At The Sustainable Sequin Company, we provide a custom cutting service, allowing you to transform any shape into a sequin.

With no minimum order requirements, this service is accessible to designers, students, and fashion brands alike.

White and translucent sequin fabric made with biodegradable sequins

Biodegradable Sequins

Collaborating with University partners, we have spear-headed research to create commercially viable biodegradable polymers sourced from natural materials.

We're now working to bring sequins crafted from this cutting-edge film to life.


Shop the range of 20% rPET sequins for hand stitching, sequins on the spool for digital application, unique designs, and sheets and rolls of sequin waste (punchinella).

Recycled sequin embroidery design in purples and pinks similar to a bird's wing

Loose Sequins

From £3.50

Pink sequins on a cardboard spool for digital embroidery

Sequin Spools

From £10

Layers of waste sequin film, punchinella, with cut out shapes

Sequin Waste

From £2

Recycled plastic circles of glitter in various bright shiny colours


From £2